City continues to work. The Sanitary and Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) of the Mayor's Office of Bishkek keeps working to combat violators of the rules of improvement, cleanliness and order in public places.

In 2020 1.446 protocols according to the Violations Code, totaling 11 million 726 thousand 500 soms were written.

Most of all the citizens, organizations violated the sanitary rules, under Article 293 "Violation of the order of execution of the decision, prescription, regulation or requirement of the authorized body" 612 protocols were written.

Failure to comply with the rules of cleanliness and order in the surrounding area under Article 70 "Violation of the rules of territory improvement" resulted in 353 protocols.

267 protocols were written for dumping and burning domestic and industrial waste in unauthorized places by part 1, part 2 of article 71.

161 protocols were written under articles 119 (67 protocols - for damage of road constructions) and 119-1 (94 - violation of rules of maintenance of highways, streets, railroad crossings and other road constructions).

51 protocols were written for violation of rules for protection of road right-of-way under the article. There were also recorded 4 violations of the rules of maintenance of observation wells, underground utilities located on the roadway, protocols were written under Art. 121-1.

Dear Citizens, Entrepreneurs and Organizations! Please! Keep clean near your homes and offices, do not throw trash in unauthorized places. Please! Take care of yourself and your hometown!

Sanitary-Ecological Patrol of the City Hall (SEP) on the line: 0 705 564756

Bishkek is your beloved clean city!