Municipal enterprise "City Parks" continues greening campaign "Plant your tree" in which each citizen, an organization can plant a tree in the new parks of the capital.

As of January 11, in the new Adinai Park, 109 trees were planted: 66 Crimean pines, 11 European firs, 17 blue spruces, 15 Tien Shan firs.

And when it was warm the citizens planted 532 deciduous trees: 202 birches, 180 European poplars, 32 chestnuts, 17 maples, 25 lindens, 26 sycamores and 50 alder trees. The capital city hall also planted 32 chestnut trees.

In view of the need for three-tier landscaping (nice and dense lawn + shrubs + trees) 174 vesicenters, 14 wagelas, 11 maples, 30 snowberry bushes, 10 chesnut trees, one magnolia and 4,100 rose bushes were planted.  

Seedlings were purchased from specialized organizations: nursery Zherdev, AGT-Asia, Our Garden. Also Bishkek residents supported the Botanical Garden and Forest Institute of Academy of Sciences in Kyrgyz Republic, they also purchased seedlings from them, the purchased funds will go to the development of botanical gardens, scientific research.

Greening continues. Applications for tree planting are collected by Kalicha Umuralieva, director of "City Parks": 0707 777749.