Recently, the Bishkek city championship in rhythmic gymnastics took place in the sports hall of ShGK # 29.

The competitions were held under the leadership of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Mayor's Office of Bishkek and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of the capital.

The city championship was attended by 90 gymnasts-pupils of the specialized children and youth school of the Olympic reserve, sports clubs.

110 gymnasts from sports schools and clubs of the capital took part in the championship.

The chief judge of the competition was Elena Vladimirovna Korneva.

Sports competitions were held under the program of the International Gymnastics Federation in order to popularize and further develop rhythmic gymnastics in Bishkek. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competitions were held without spectators, all performances were broadcast on social networks.

Championship winners were:

Born in 2014

1st place - Gubaidullina Emilia (coach: S.K. Ibraimova)

2nd place - Mataeva Akmarzhan (coach: S.K. Ibraimova)

2nd place - Abylgazieva Ramina (coach: S.K. Ibraimova)

3rd place - Chernogubova Ramina (coach: Shayakhmetova A.R.)

Born in 2013

1st place - Ailen Tolonbekova (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

1st place - Erkayym Shekerbaeva (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

2nd place - Aizirek Bazarbayeva (coach: A.R. Shayakhmetova)

3rd place - Dzheshenbekova Naima (coach: Sultangazieva A.K.)

Born in 2012

1st place - Samiya Tursunkulova (coach: A.Sh. Narbekova)

2nd place - Sultankerimova Nurayym (coach: S.E. Moiseeva)

3rd place - Omurbekova Nailya (coach: Shayakhmetova A.R.)

Born in 2011

1st place - Yarovaya Sofia (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

2nd place - Aytakunova Naima (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

3rd place - Ademi Kenzhebekova (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

Championship winners are:

Born in 2010

1st place - Sayana Sarynzhieva (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

2nd place - Zlata Arkatova (coach: A. Myaksheva)

3rd place - Azizova Azalia (coach: A. Narbekova)

Born in 2009

1st place - Badykeeva Asema (trainer: Kaymazarova J.)

2nd place - Maratova Aima (coach: Kaymazarova J.)

3rd place - Abdimalikova Elima (coach: S. Ibragimova)

Born in 2008

1st place - Sapaeva Karina (coach: S. Ibragimova)

2nd place - Muktarova Khadizha (coach: S. Ibragimova)

3rd place - Mamatisaeva Vilena (coach: S. Ibragimova)

Born in 2007

1st place - Ervina Bayramova (coach: N.V. Rentel)

2nd place - Esenbekova Adelina (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

3rd place - Satykeeva Tinatin (coach: Zh.T. Kaimazarova)

Born in 2006

1st place - Khaitova Sevara (coach: S.K. Ibragimova)

2nd place - Shaidinova Kanykei (coach: A. Myaksheva)

3rd place - Abakirova Ayana (coach: Kaymazarova Zh.T.)

Born in 2004 and earlier

1st place - Bykovskaya Agata (coach: Rentel N.V.)

2nd place - Botonbaeva Ramina (coach: Kaymazarova Zh.T.)

3rd place - Vasila Gaibulaeva (coach: Storchevaya I.L.)