“Dear citizens!

The day before, the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Ulukbek Asamidinovich signed an order on my appointment as the acting mayor of Bishkek.

Let me inform you about the priority plans and tasks facing me, because even two months of work in such a responsible area can predetermine the outcome of resolving a number of issues concerning more than a million citizens. The city of Bishkek is of particular importance due to its status, both in the economy and in politics, therefore every proposal, project, decision and complaint of a city dweller will be carefully considered, analyzed and considered - this is the main principle of my work.

In the near future I will meet with journalists, hold a press conference, where I will tell you in more detail about the work plans.

I would like to note the main 10 tasks that I set myself for solving in the shortest possible time, at the same time, the previously started work in these areas will be continued, possibly with some adjustments.

1. Stabilization of the epidemiological situation in the capital, continuation of work to counter COVID-19;

2. Ensuring the openness of the general plan of the city of Bishkek;

3. Ensuring the utmost transparency in the use of city budget funds for the townspeople, both in terms of revenue and expenditure;

4. Organization of transparency in the activities of each city service and enterprise;

5. Improving the quality of the provision of municipal services;

6. Acceleration of the process of transition of public urban transport to environmentally friendly fuels, solving acute problems of the transport sector;

7. Digitalization. Integration of new technologies into the work of city services to resolve issues of Bishkek residents promptly;

8. Implementation of the assessment of the activities of municipal employees based on the principles of using KPI indicators;

9. In order to increase the investment attractiveness of the city, ensuring the transparency of information on municipal property and resources, carrying out measures to stimulate investment in the city of Bishkek;

10. Analysis of the implementation of previously adopted programs and strategies.

Also, our team, together with the townspeople, plans to consider the structure of the mayor's office, the efficiency of services and enterprises.

Dear citizens, the above tasks will be supplemented if necessary, adjustments will be made at the suggestion of the townspeople, more detailed planning of the execution of tasks will also be discussed with the townspeople.

Only through joint efforts will we be able to ensure the effective functioning of the Bishkek City Administration in a short period of time.

Best regards, acting Mayor of Bishkek.