Walking tours continue in the capital to identify unpatroned and begging children. Unfortunately, some teenagers take advantage of the situation and do not attend online lessons, skip classes and work in bazaars, car washes, food outlets and other places.

On the eve of the Sverdlovsk Akimiat, together with the Inspection for underage cases of the Internal Affairs Directorate (IDN), the Family and Child Protection Department of the Social Development Directorate (OCSD), they conducted an inspection on the territory of the district, in particular: bazaars "Ak-emmir", "Chynar", "Ular" Taalay "," Dordoi "," Alamedin "," Madina ", TC" Dordoi-Plaza "," Chynar "," Aichuruk ", the adjacent territory of the central mosque on Gogol street, the mosque named after "Mahmud Kashgari" on Osmonkul street, the central mosque named after "Imam Sarakhsi" on Zhibek-Zholu avenue, a mosque in the "Madina" market and 9 computer clubs.

During the raid, 18 adolescents were identified, of which 5 children were delivered to the Center for the Prevention of Offenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, 4 adolescents were taken to the Aydanek reintegration center, 9 adolescents were returned to their parents and relatives.

An explanatory conversation was held with each child and parent, and social assistance was provided to families in need.

Dear citizens! If you witness cruel treatment of Children or those engaged in begging, immediately call the police: 102 and us, the family and child support departments of the district:

Oktyabrsky district: 510375, 0772637987 Nazgul Soltonbaeva;

Leninsky district: 883899.0502021404 Nuriza Stalbekov;

Sverdlovsk region: 530576, 0706821676 Tamara Akzholtoeva;

Pervomaisky district: 670386, 0553 225 905 Aibek Beketayev;

Hotline of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic: 111

Please! Take care of yourself and your loved ones, children!