Dear citizens! Due to the repairs and preventive works in preparation for the spring-summer period, the Soviet water pipeline will be disconnected.

On Sunday, February 21, from 9 am to 8 pm, there will be temporary no water in microdistrict No. 10, also in the area bounded by Suerkulova, Tynystanov, Akhunbaev streets and the Ala-Archa river; Mederov, Radishchev, L. Tolstoy, Zh. Pudovkin streets; Elebaev, Mederov, Zhukeyev-Pudovkin, Akhunbaev streets; Maldybaeva, Masaliev, Baytik-Baatyr and Samanchin streets, including:

1. KSMA, Akhunbaev st., 92 (with all buildings and a hostel);

2. 3rd Children's Hospital, Tynystanova St., 8a;

3. Ministry of Energy and Industry, Akhunbaev St., 119, 119a;

4. BGTS Abay St. -  Akhunbaev St., 123;

5. School No. 61 Maldybaeva St., 10;

6. International School, Tynystanova St., 14a;

7. Nursing home, Abay street, 93;

8. KNAU street Mederov St., 68;

9. State Border Guard Service, Mederova St., 163;

10. Center for State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, Baytik-Batyr St., 36;

11.Republican Center for Quarantine and Especially Dangerous Infections 92, Skryabin st.

12. Geological plant, Baytik-Baatyr st., 126;

13. Secondary school №14 Karasaev st., 73;

14. Remand Prison, Geological alley, 2;

15. October military enlistment office, Kulatova st., 10;

16. Publishing house "Uchkun" Ibraimov st. 24;

17. BPTS street Ibraimova 2;

18. 1st taxi base, 42 Mederova str .;

19. City Clinical Hospital No. 6, Dzhantosheva st. 117;

20. Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Akhunbaev st. 97;

21. National Center for Phthisiology, Akhunbaev str. 90;

22. Bishkek Music and Pedagogical College named after T. Ermatov st.Akhunbaev 121;

23. District Department of Internal Affairs of the Oktyabrsky district, Skryabin street 86;

24. Oktyabrskaya District Administration, Baytik Baatyr St. 17;

25. Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic, Radishchev st., 62;

26. UVK "Ak-bala", Elebaev st. 5A;

27. Restaurant "Golden Dragon" st.Elebaeva 60;

28. JSC "Severelectro" street Zhukeyev-Pudovkina 42A;

29. Eye microsurgery 5 Baytik Baatyr str .;

30. Kyrgyz National Conservatory. K. Moldobasanov, Dzhantoshev st. 115;

31. 5th Fire Department of Kulatova st. 11;

32. Dentistry No. 3 Akhunbaev st. 125;

33. Warehouses at 45 Skryabin street;

34. Center for psychotherapy "Harmony of life" 52 Elebaeva st.

35. Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev;

36. Kindergarten No. 107;

37. October tax inspection.

For any questions regarding water supply, call: 1533 - this is a unified informational "water supply" center for citizens' appeals. Also, the call center of the capital city hall in 1840 and 1850 works round the clock, and photos and video facts with problems can still be sent to WhatsApp: 0554 182-185.

PES “Bishkekvodokanal” sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused and asks the townspeople to stock up on drinking water.

We are always there, always in touch! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!