Dear citizens, equestrian sports lovers! The issue of transferring the Ak-Kula hippodrome outside the city and the construction of a football stadium at this place is not worth it.

Note that the current state of the hippodrome is assessed as emergency, because it was built back in 1947 by the author's project of the honored architect of the Kyrgyz Republic Vladimir Nusov. The technical condition of buildings and structures does not comply with the current standards and is unsafe for the townspeople.

According to the technical conclusion of the State Institute of Earthquake Resistant Construction and Engineering Design under the State Agency for Architecture, Construction and Housing and Utilities under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic, the hippodrome building does not meet the requirements of the standards and is non-seismic resistant, highly vulnerable and emergency, for this reason, the operation of this facility is not allowed.

Given the emergency technical condition of the hippodrome building, restoration and reconstruction with an increase in seats is impossible.

In early September of this year, on the basis of the above conclusion and the decision of the interdepartmental commission, the government of the Kyrgyz Republic on September 20, 2020 adopted a resolution No. 466 on recognizing the Ak-Kula hippodrome building as having lost the status of an architectural monument of republican significance, and on demolishing and building a new hippodrome complex.

For the safety of citizens, guests of the capital, and athletes, the capital's mayor's office intends to bring the hippodrome into proper condition, because the Ak-Kula hippodrome is the only facility in Bishkek that is necessary for equestrian competitions and other sports events, both at the republican and international level.

The Capital Construction Directorate (CCD) of the capital mayor's office prepared a technical assignment for the design and construction of a new hippodrome complex. The tender for the design of the new Ak-Kula hippodrome was announced twice, but both were declared invalid due to the absence of participants.

Also in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of the city budget revenue, it was decided to consider the possibility of implementing the project through public-private partnership (PPP). The Mayor's Office of Bishkek together with the PPP Center under the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic announced a competition to attract participants for the construction of the Ak-Kula hippodrome.

Recall that the area of the Ak-Kula hippodrome is 57.4 hectares, of which 55.8 hectares have been transferred to the city's balance sheet (MP Ak-Kula Hippodrome). For the rest of the area the litigations are underway.