The city continue its work. Right now, two medical organizations in the capital are undergoing renovation work at the expense of the World Bank as part of the Emergency Response to COVID-19 project.

24 departments of the national hospital under the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic are being put in order, which were redesigned for patients with COVID-19 during the outbreak of coronavirus infection in July 2020.

Four contracting construction companies, Alym-Stroy, GTS Corp, Dastan Stroy Group and YugStroy, are carrying out interior finishing repairs, changing the floor covering, water and sewer pipes, and putting in order electrical wires and appliances. Also, shower cabins are being installed and bathrooms in the wards are updated according to the defective act.

At the same time, repair work is underway in the department of acute respiratory pathology on the Moscow Street and in the intensive care unit - isolation ward for patients СOVID-19 of the National Center for the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood (NCPMC).

Contractors are working on the objects: LLC “Construction Firm Sirius” and LLC “Azhi Stroy”.

It also provides for the repair of internal premises with the replacement of floors, windows and doors, utilities, the installation of new showers and toilets.

According to the schedule, repair work in all medical facilities will be completed by the end of February this year.

By the way, the goal of the Emergency Response to COVID-19 project is to assist the government of the Kyrgyz Republic in strengthening its ability to respond to COVID-19 by ensuring appropriate preventive measures, improving conditions in healthcare organizations and purchasing medicines, consumables and medical equipment.

If you have any questions, requests or complaints regarding the repair work, please contact the following channels:

Level 1. Uzakbayev Kamchibek Askarbekovich, director of the National Center for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, tel: 0773 677750, email:

Level 2. Regional hotlines: 0312318780 (Bishkek Health Department).

Central hotlines: 0312 660663 (Ministry of Health), 0312 323202, 0312 323055, 0550 033607 (DGSEN);

- WhatsApp: 0770895556;

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- Contact number of the public reception of the Ministry of Health: +996 (312) 621023, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Moscow St., 148.
Level 3. Coordinator for handling complaints of the Ministry of Emergency Situations / PIU - Yuldasheva Maksatay, WhatsApp: 0555482003; email:

Level 4. World Bank Office in the Kyrgyz Republic: Moscow St., 210, Bishkek. Email:, tel. +996 312 625262.

World Bank Complaints Service.
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