The city continues to work. The capital's mayor's office is putting in order schools and kindergartens in accordance with the plan for 2021.
The Department of Capital Construction (UKS), at the request of the Department of Education, announces a tender for repair work in educational facilities.

We plan to replace the roofing of schools No. 54, No. 69/36, and renovate the playground of kindergarten No. 5. The primary total cost of repair work is about 5.6 million soms, funds are provided in the city budget.
Also UKS announces a tender for design and survey work (R&D) of the kindergarten "Setun" in "Gazgorodok". The estimated cost of the IDP is 1 million 192 thousand 674 soms, the source of funding is the city budget.

Dear participants! Detailed information on the public procurement portal: