For the first time! Today, in honor of the City Day, a march of electric vehicles and ecobikes took place in the capital.

A column of eco-friendly vehicles started from the north side of the new Health Park - M. Gshlissera St., went up Ch. Aitmatov Avenue to A. Masaliev Street, from there eastward to the intersection of Tokombayev and Nurkamal Zhetikashaeva streets and returned to the Health Park along Toktonaliev Street.

The march was led by the acting mayor of the capital Baktybek Kudaibergenov.

For the safety of the townspeople, and the drivers, the convoy was accompanied by 5 vehicles of the UPSM GUVD of Bishkek and two ambulances.

It should be noted that the march was held with the support of Ecobike, an electric transport salon in Kyrgyzstan, which promotes the idea of electric transport, in particular an ecobike.

By the way, as of April 28, 203 electric vehicles were registered in the register of the UNAA GDS, 150 of them in the territory of Bishkek.