Dear citizens!

I sincerely congratulate you on City Day. Our capital is 143 years old.

Bishkek is a very young city on the scale of other capitals that have a long history. But for us, Bishkek is the most beautiful, beloved and hometown!

Each of us has our own Bishkek. And at the same time, this is our common home, which we are proud of and which we want to make it better.

Today, positive changes are taking place in the capital, it is being renewed and changing for the better. A significant event for our city is the opening of the monument to Bishkek Baatyr, timed to coincide with the city's birthday! A new stage of street reconstruction begins. Construction of kindergartens and schools for small residents of Bishkek will begin soon.

Every day, the work on landscaping, landscaping and lighting is improving. We are restoring squares in neighborhoods, planting trees and, most importantly, returning the city to its former glory of the “green capital”!

Dear friends!