Employees of the central office of the mayor's office of Bishkek will transfer one-day wages to a special account for residents of the Batken region who were evacuated from the conflict zone.

In addition, the metropolitan municipality, together with regional akimiats, provided humanitarian and material support in the amount of about 6 million soms.

A single special account for voluntary fees has been opened to support fellow citizens in this difficult time.

Special account: 4402061213012249

INN: 01710199610068

Beneficiary bank: Central Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic

BIK: 440001

Payment code: 14411100

BIK: 440206 when transferring through MCP or VKP. MCP (inter-treasury order), VKP (intra-treasury order)

Elsom: 0553120879.

Dear citizens, entrepreneurs! If you want to support your compatriots, regional headquarters are formed in each akimiat of the capital, where platforms for collecting humanitarian and other aid will be created. The collection takes place during the day.

Detailed information can be obtained from our deputy akims on social issues:

Leninsky District: 0774 007 735, Chui Ave. 315;

Pervomaisky District: 0990 999 444, 495 B Zh.Zholu Ave., building of the District Social Development Department;

Sverdlovsk region: 0999 855 558, UVKG No. 66, Vostok-5 microdistrict, B. Mambetov street;

Oktyabrsky district: 0559 038 585, MP "Municipal bakery", A. Tokombayev st., 3/1.

Note that there is also a volunteer headquarters at the capital's mayor's office, we are consolidating efforts to support the Kyrgyz people.

The Mayor's Office of Bishkek is concerned about what is happening on the border in Batken, we are ready to provide all-round assistance in resolving this situation within our competence. Strength is in unity!