The city continues its work. Acting Mayor Baktybek Kudaibergenov together with the vice-mayor of the capital for housing and communal services Zhamalbek Yrsaliev met with Moscow manufacturers of repair materials, the “Spetsdirektmontazh” company.

We were presented with modern innovative materials "Polybader URM-2P" for professional and high-speed repair of chips, potholes, surface destruction of concrete monolithic and prefabricated coatings, highways, bridges and other structures, as well as "Cold plastic KHPR" for marking the roadway, parking lots, stops, production areas.

Universal repair material "Polybader URM-2P" is a cold-curing polymer substance and is a plastic material based on a methacrylic binder containing fillers, aggregates, hardening as a result of a chemical reaction and after hardening a polymer structure of high strength.

The advantages of the material are: ease of use, the ability to use at temperatures from -50C to + 50C, high adhesion to metal, concrete, brick, glass and wood, both on dry and wet surfaces, high strength (5 times higher than a concrete), low water absorption and abrasion, elasticity, shock resistance and resistance to aggressive environments, and the material does not require additional maintenance.

Cold plastic "HPR" is a chemically hardening polymer material under the influence of an initiator (hardener). Does not contain organic solvents and is characterized by high wear resistance, good weather resistance, excellent adhesion to asphalt and cement concrete, as well as high day and night visibility.

The manufacturers assured that this material can be used in a frost of -30C, and during precipitation, the markings will not be slippery.