Chaired by the acting Mayor of the capital Baktybek Kudaibergenov and Speaker of the Bishkek City Kenesh Zhanybek Abirov, a board of the municipality was held.

One question was brought up for discussion by the board members: the results of the socio-economic development of the city of Bishkek for 2020 and the tasks for 2021.

Almaz Baketayev, the first vice-mayor of the capital for economics and finance, reported that according to operational estimates, the gross regional product of Bishkek amounted to 238 739,5 million soms with a real growth rate of 91.2%.

The revenues of the city budget amounted to about 8.5 billion soms, while the forecast was 9.5 billion soms. As for tax revenues, with the forecast of 7.5 billion soms, 6.8 billion soms were received, the forecast was fulfilled by 90.4%. With regard to non-tax revenues, with the plan of      1 034,4 million soms, 742,1 million soms were received.

During the period of severe restrictions in connection with COVID-19, appropriate work was carried out to optimize local budget expenditures in order to free up funds for timely payment of wages and preserve employment.

Despite everything, the city continued to work on the production plan in the field of social services, urban planning, transport, housing and communal services and digitalization.

As a result, the board adopted the report, a resolution was adopted taking into account the additions.